Tech Companies Take Your Private Data Collection for Their Profit

Data collection

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Central Florida: Walkable Cities

From Deadliest Streets, To Complete Streets: Central Florida Gains Walkable, Sustainable Pockets of Mixed Use Neighborhoods By Paul Nutcher ORLANDO — Ribbons of high speed boulevards sew together pockets of walkable neighborhoods in Central Florida. These metropolitan arteries sprouted along Interstate 4 from Daytona Beach in the east, to the well-know Disney tourist attractions in […]

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Protests Turn Violent When People Wait Centuries for Equality

By Paul Nutcher       Many whites were appalled by the rioting, shooting of police officers, and burning down of property and businesses following the killing of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd. The officer, Derek Chauvin with the Minneapolis police was recorded on cell phone video placing his knee on Floyd’s neck for […]

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Empathy And Equity Matters For Raising People Up

Poverty has become hereditary in the biological sense in addition to the socio-economic sense for many people born into desparate communities. Equity is the way out of this ingrained condition, which is perpetuated by U.S. institutions within our social and economic systems.  Equity in terms of applying it to the poor means changing the system, […]

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Obama BBQs For The Eagles

Now that Trump has dis-invited the Super Bowl winning Eagles from the White House, perhaps Obama should host a BBQ for the champions.  I heard this first on Facebook.  Of course, it’s too bad Trump had to play politics with the NFL and ruin a perfectly respectful tradition followed by the sitting presidents of the […]

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