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Kid’s Toys Can Now Contain Broken Glass

I am reminded of Dan Aykroyd’s interview with Candice Bergen. It was a consumer watchdog talk show spoof, in which Aykroyd’s character is a sleazy toy manufacturer. Bergen asks him about his bag of broken glass toy and Aykroyd says: “It sells well…look the average kid picks up broken glass everywhere, the beach, the street…. We’re just packaging what the kids want.” This guy, Mulvaney is just packaging what the 1 percent wants. He’s giving the wealthy political donors what they want. No protections for consumers, kids, and parents. Crazy. Perhaps Akroyd’s character Irvin Mainway might want to get his Mister Skin Grafter, Peggy Ear Piercing Kit, General Tron Secret Police Confession Kit or Doggie Dentist Set out on the market while no one is watching. This administration is a joke.